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Are Mud Tires Good In Snow?

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 19, 2020

Tires are made for all types of situations, terrains, and seasons. Yes, there are a ridiculous amount of different tire options available. For instance, there are all-terrain tires, mud tires, all-season tires, and even snow & ice tires. As a result, you have so many different tire options to pick from. Thus, buying tires can be picky. Especially if you want value and tires that crossover from situation to situation. You may wonder are mud tires good in snow? This is a good question to ask.

Now, casual drivers know very little to nothing about all of the different tires. There is nothing wrong with this, at all. But, even hardcore car lovers need help learning about tires. Therefore, our team here at The Car Addict is ready to help you learn everything you need to know. Read below to learn are mud tires good in snow and so much more!

Mud Tires, Snow, & Everything In Between

Every type of tire is made different. Why? Because the physical design of a tire completely alters and changes the performance of the said tire. Basically, each tire has a different type of tread design. This is done to create a traction in each particular situation. For example, mud tires are made to specifically grip off-road conditions that are soft and unven. On the other hand, all-season tires feature a trad block design that is as versatile as possible!

Things get tricky when it comes to certain winter conditions. After all, you might drive on winter conditions that are not on-road. These icy and snowy off-road surfaces contain mud underneath the cold surface. As a result, you might think that mud tires work on snow. Well, the answer as to are mud tires good in snow might not make you that happy.

Are mud tires good in snow? Unfortunately not. Each tire is built to perform in different settings.
Are mud tires good in snow? Unfortunately not. Each tire is built to perform in different settings.

Are Mud Tires Good In Snow?

Basically, no. Obviously, drivers can do as they please and can try out their mud tires in snowy conditions. However, the results will not be ideal. Again, every tire is made different from one another. So mud tires are going to perform best in mud conditions. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to muddy tires in snow conditions.

The Car Addict highly recommends the proper tires for proper conditions. That way, you do not take any unnecessary risks with your safety. After all, snowy and icy conditions cause a great number of accidents. Especially in areas that have harsh winter seasons with lots of cold weather and lots of snow. But, here are some specific details on why mud tires are not good in snow!

Mud Tires Are Not Good In Snow

As mentioned before, tires all contain different types of tread designs. Mud tires specifically contain a tread design that features huge lugs and deep voids. Why? Generally speaking, mud tires actively clear out mud and stones. That way, the tires actively grip the mud and slippery surfaes. Empty voids are able to properly grip and grappple muddy surfaces. Thus, you enjoy premier traction all across the mud.

Now, snow is not the same as mud. Think about how snow packs up into a snow ball. This means that snow can compound on top of itself. Well, those deep voids on mud tires are not ideal for snow. The snow packs into the voids and seriously reduce the traction. As a result, you enjoy lesser performance that is not great for your driving situation.

Are Mud Tires Good In Snow: The Options

Now, do not freak out over a potential tire mismatch situation. You can potentially find some mud tires suitable for cold weather scenarios. Keep an eye out for this symbol: M + S. Basically, this symbol represents mud and snow. As a result, the tire meets the minimimum industry standards for snowy and icy situations. That way, you can enjoy some perfromance in both situations.

Again, even mud tires that fit snowy industry standards are still not the bet option. Furthermore, there is not really a great ice tire option available. Unfortunately, ice is so slippery and lacks so much traction. We recommend avoiding icy situations and driving as safe as possible. Are mud tires in good in snow? No!

Last Words On Mud Tires & Snow

Mud tires are not made for snow like snow tires. Both tires are made for different surfaces, different temperatures, and different performance features. Are mud tires good in snow? The Car Addict does not think so. Check out our buying guide to the best cheap mud tires for some great recommendations!

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