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Best Motorcycle Battery Tender (Review & Buying Guide)

Battery Tender 800 Battery Tender for Motorcycle

Suaoki Car Battery Tender For Motorcycle

Foval Automatic Smart Battery Tender 12V 1000mA

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    Published December 24, 2018


  • Best Motorcycle Battery Tender (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Battery Tender 800

  • #2 - Suaoki Car Battery Tender For Motorcycle

  • #3 - Foval Automatic Smart Battery Tender 12V 1000mA

  • #4 - Mroinge MBC010 Smart Automatic Charger for Motorcycle

  • #5 - Battery Tender Junior 021-0123 12V

  • #6 - Battery Tender Junior 022-0196

  • #7 - BMK 12V Smart Battery Tender for Motorcycle

  • #8 - LST Automatic Tender 6V & 12V for Motorcycle

  • #9 - Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 Smart Tender

  • #10 - NOCO Genius G750 12V 750 mA Battery Tender

Buying The Best Motorcycle Battery Tender: Helpful Tips

Do you need help maintaining a charge on a motorcycle battery? Then you need to buy a good motorcycle battery tender. For those who do not know, this is a device that charges your engine. Plug it into a standard AC outlet and it sends power to the battery. That way, the battery is operational when not in use. After all, long periods of inactivity is not ideal for batteries. But, how can you find the best motorcycle battery tender on the market? The Car Addict has the answer for you!

There are some battery tenders certainly better than others. However, most tenders sold online are of a high-quality. Thus, customers are going to be able to get something wondrous for their hard-earned cash. However, if you need extra help than this buying guide is made just for you. Our team has tested out every motorcycle battery tender on the market! As a result, we have a top ten list for the best motorcycle tenders available.

Use this top ten list below to guide your buying process. After, check out extra facts and information in the conclusion section. We guarantee it will help you out a lot. All the while, you make a smart purchase that provides plenty of value. Now, without any further ado, let us get right into our list!

Best Motorcycle Tenders Available

  • 1

    Battery Tender 800

Look no further if you want the very best motorcycle battery tender on the market. Battery Tender creates some of the best chargers, maintainers, and tenders on the market. As a result, you can count on this tender to keep your battery operating. First, the price tag is very appealing. You get the best product for less than $40. How often do you get the best product on the market for a bargain price? Do not hesitate to capitalize on this offer!

This tender is perfect for motorcycles and other outdoor crafts. The power cord length is 6 feet. Thus, you get plenty of room to work with. All the while, there is no maintenance with this tender. Instead, you can just relax while this tender goes to work. Keep your motorcycle battery healthy while it is stored away in the garage.

If you do not want a big bulky product, you are in luck. This tender is the same size as a standard computer mouse. However, it does not sacrifice performance for convenience. Instead, you get the best of both worlds. Best of all, this product is incredibly safe. The shockproof and weatherproof design helps protect you and other users. Get yourself the best motorcycle battery tender on the market today!

Key Features:

  • SuperSmart Charging & MaintainingSpark Proof

  • Shock Protection

  • Small Design

  • Perfect For Motorcycles


Brand:  Battery Tender
Model:  800 Waterproof Charger
Weight:  1.65 lbs

  • 2

    Suaoki Car Battery Tender For Motorcycle

Do you want to splurge on a new motorcycle battery tender? Go for it. This is the best motorcycle battery tender for you. Yes, there is an expensive price tag on this tender. But, it delivers for every single dollar you spend. The LCD screen is a great modern addition for anyone that loves technology. It shows real-time charging voltage, current, and battery bars. You get all of the important information in just one look!

The automatic voltage detection is incredibly convenient. It actively detects if the voltage is 6 or 12. Then, you can go through 8 different stages of preprogrammed charging levels. As a result, you get the very best charge for your battery. Best of all, this is an incredibly versatile tender. You can use it on more than just your motorcycle!

The highlight of this tender involves the protective features. Reverse polarity protection and over-temperature protection are very helpful. But, the overcharge protection is the star. This feature prevents overcharging on your battery. That way, you avoid damaging your motorcycle battery over the winter. Buy the best motorcycle battery tender for your budget. Anyone looking to spend money can buy the Suaoki maintainer. You will enhance the lifespan of your motorcycle battery!

Key Features:

  • Automatic Voltage Detection

  • LCD Screen

  • Protection

  • Versatile


Brand:  Suaoki
Model:  DDDPUT25-01
Weight:  1.28 lbs

  • 3

    Foval Automatic Smart Battery Tender 12V 1000mA

Are you looking for value? Well, you are a smart shopper. After all, there is nothing better than getting value. You spend less money than usual and get more performance than usual. As a result, you win on both fronts. This Foval Automatic Battery Tender is absolutely amazing. The spark proof design is very protective. Also, the reverse polarity protection is also great. All the while, you use an 8-foot output cord that is long enough for most garages.

This charger adapts to all kinds of different 12v batteries. As a result, it is perfect for your motorcycle battery. Maintain and charge your motorcycle battery while away. The winter season should not take your motorcycle out of action. Best of all, you get to spend less than $20 for the top of the line tender!

Last but not least, the LED indicator is awesome. Use this to an easy read and understand visual information. This includes state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information as well. Thus, you properly your motorcycle batter while in storage. There is nothing wrong with saving money. We encourage it. Buy one of the best motorcycle battery tender options for a fair price.


Key Features:

  • Spark Protection

  • Versatile

  • Automatic Management

  • Easy To Use


Brand:  Foval
Model:  BC01B-1
Weight:  9.6 oz

  • 4

    Mroinge MBC010 Smart Automatic Charger for Motorcycle

Now, you should know this Mroinge MBC010 is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Simply put, a lot of customers buy this particular battery tender. Furthermore, the reviews are quite positive. As a result, this is definitely one of the best motorcycle battery tender. Best of all, it comes at an absolutely irresistible price tag. Do not hesitate to cash in on a great opportunity today.

The easy to use design is great for casual drivers. The total cord length is nearly 12 feet long as well. Thus, you can reach just about anywhere that you need to. It is perfect for charging 12-volt lead-acid or sealed and maintenance free batteries. Keep this in mind as you look for one of the best battery tenders for your motorcycle.

The automatic charge cycle prevents overcharging. Instead, the charge cycle switches to a float mode. as a result, you can actively protect your battery. Plus, a built-in two color LED display gives you the state-of-charge information as well. We highly recommend this motorcycle battery tender to everyone. The intuitive design comes in handy when you really need it!

Key Features:

  • Easy To Use

  • Spark Proof

  • Perfect Charging

  • 4-Step Charging Process


Brand:  Mroinge
Model:  MBC010
Weight:  5.6 oz

  • 5

    Battery Tender Junior 021-0123 12V

As mentioned before, Battery Tender is a premier brand. You can trust this brand to provide high-quality products. The spark proof and reverse polarity protection are both helpful. Maintain your motorcycle battery as safe as possible. Also, there is a very flexible 12-foot output cord. As a result, you can hang this in the wall of your garage. The cord stretches long enough to reach down to your motorcycle battery. Thus, we recommend the Battery Tender Junior as one of the best motorcycle battery tender options.

An automatic charge cycle comes in handy when you are away. Overcharging is the easiest way to damage a battery. As a result, the automatic charge cycle prevents overcharging. There are multiple steps in the charging process. This includes initialization, bulk charge, and float mode. You can simply buy this motorcycle battery tender and let it go to work. We guarantee it works well for you and your motorcycle battery.

Key Features:

  • Spark Proof

  • Automatic Technology

  • LED Indicator

  • Tend & Maintain Battery


Brand:  Battery Tender
Model:  021-0123
Weight:  1.8 lbs

  • 6

    Battery Tender Junior 022-0196

Simply put, this is the smaller version of the previous automatic battery chargers. After all, Battery Tender is a brand with a number of wonderful products. You can use them as a "go to" for all battery tending needs. However, this is the best motorcycle battery tender for compact spaces. After all, not everyone stores their motorcycle away in a large area. It may be put into a small side garage. as a result, you will want a smaller tender with a big-time performance.

A 12-foot output cord is absolutely versatile and convenient. Place this tender in the best possible spot. The output cord can get the job done. A simple charging process makes sure the battery does not overcharge. Instead, it automatically switches over to a unique "float mode". Basically, the tender maintains the proper charging level instead of going over!

The best part of this tender is the easy to use nature. There is an LED indicator that has two different colors. Green is the color that indicates the battery is full. On the other hand, red indicates that the battery requires a charge. This lets you properly charge and maintain your battery. Thus, we recommend this as one of the best motorcycle battery tender products on the market!

Key Features:

  • Safe Design

  • High-Quality Charging

  • 3-Step Charging Program

  • Protects Motorcycle Battery


Brand:  Battery Tender
Model:  220196
Weight:  2 lbs

  • 7

    BMK 12V Smart Battery Tender for Motorcycle

Are you looking for a more portable and lightweight motorcycle battery tender? Well, you are in luck. This is a well-designed tender that can be taken on the go. However, you can also plug it right into the wall. Best of all, it has a very versatile design. This includes two charging methods using either battery clamps or battery ring terminals. Get the job done no matter what!

You can charge and maintain your battery with a helpful automatic monitoring system. Also, you enjoy over-charge protection and short-circuit protection. But, this is not the only protection offered by this great tender. Instead, the IP65 waterproof material is absolutely awesome. Furthermore, the dust-proof functions are handy in garage spaces and other dirty areas. All the while, high-class ABS material lasts for a very long time.

The real highlight of this product is energy efficiency. If you want to save energy, you are in luck. This BMK tender complies with the highest energy saving standard. Save yourself some money on this tender and your energy bills. Buy the best motorcycle tender for your preferences today!

Key Features:

  • 4 Stage Charge Process

  • Easy To Operate

  • Safety

  • Waterproof


Model:  EPA1205
Weight:  1.3 lbs

  • 8

    LST Automatic Tender 6V & 12V for Motorcycle

This is one of the best motorcycle battery tender options on the market. A very compact design is at the forefront of appealing features. It is portable and lightweight. As a result, you can take this tender on the move. Furthermore, you can nail it or stick it to the wall of a garage. Position the tender in the best possible position. That way, you enjoy daily convenience while maintaining a motorcycle battery.

The premier protection is another appealing aspect of this tender. The protections include reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and so much more. As a result, you get to safely tender, charge, and maintain your motorcycle battery.

Finally, we believe customers will love the long-lasting life of this tender. The fully sealed outer case is very protective. As a result, it actively combats oil, dust, and moisture. That way, it prevents corrosion and other weather damage. After all, prolonged exposure in the weather can really damage your tender. Do not let this happen. Go ahead and buy one of the best motorcycle battery tender on the market. We guarantee you will be happy.

Key Features:

  • Ideal For Motorcycles

  • Unique Design

  • Automatic Capabilities

  • Simple LED Indicators


Model:  EPA1020-0612
Weight:  8 oz

  • 9

    Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 Smart Tender

This Battery Tender Plus is the bigger version of the previous Battery Tender Jr. As a result, you get plenty of more power for your battery charging process. However, you do give up the convenience of placing this wherever you want. Luckily, the long power cord is built to stretch nearly 6 feet. Thus, you can reach those difficult spots easier than ever before.

The fully automatic design fully charges your motorcycle battery. Then, it maintains the proper charge level over a period of time. Thus, it is perfect for your motorcycle in storage. Store it away and maintain the battery without any bit of stress. The tender switches over to the float mode. Float mode prevents any over-charge damage, which happens. As a result, you get a stress-free maintenance process with your motorcycle battery.

Reverse polarity protection helps ensure your safety. That way, you do not get hurt while maintaining your battery. All the while, the simple LED indicator is made for everyone. Literally, anyone and everyone can use this tender. As a result, we believe it is one of the best motorcycle tender battery options available!

Key Features:

  • Convenient Design

  • Fully Automatic

  • Powerful Charging Capability

  • Safe & Protective Design


Brand:  Battery Tender
Model:  Battery Tender Plus
Weight:  1.9 lbs

  • 10

    NOCO Genius G750 12V 750 mA Battery Tender

Last but not least, this NOCO Genius G750 is still a great choice. This list is so deep that even the final recommendation is a strong one. Now, we recommend this best for year-round battery maintenance. As a result, anyone with a year-round motorcycle is in luck. You can get this tender and take care of your motorcycle battery all throughout the year. It is perfect for your particular battery!

A worry-free design is very helpful for casual motorcycle drivers. As a result, you always avoid overcharging your battery. More often than not, this over-charge causes damage. Damage reduces the lifespan of your battery and costs you serious funds. Do not suffer this fate. Instead, get this great tender and enjoy the automatic monitoring technology. We guarantee you will be happy with one of the best motorcycle battery tender!

Key Features:

  • Very Convenient

  • Versatile Compatibility

  • Worry-Free Design

  • Save & Advanced Tender


Brand:  NOCO
Model:  G750
Weight:  1 lbs

Best Motorcycle Battery Tender

Use the best motorcycle battery tender to take of your motorcycle batter all year-round.
Use the best motorcycle battery tender to take of your motorcycle batter all year-round.

Why Do I Need A Motocycle Battery Tender?

This is a good question to ask. First, if you have a motorcycle then you need a good motorcycle battery tender. After all, you need to properly maintain the battery for the best possible performance. Buying the best motorcycle battery tender is definitely key. If you do not, then the battery may dip too low. Now, you do need constant charging on a daily basis. However, you do need to maintain the proper battery charge for the optimal performance. Use a great motorcycle tender and make battery maintenance easy.

Some customers live in areas with long and harsh winter seasons. As a result, you need to do something to maintain recreational vehicles. Usually, recreational vehicles refer to muscle cars and vintage vehicles. This also encompasses motorcycles as well. Even ATV's and other off-road vehicles can fit into this category. Every single one of these vehicles has a battery that needs maintenance. If not, the battery slowly but surely fades and you will have to buy a new one. Instead, just take time to buy the best motorcycle tender. Then, you can maintain your motorcycle battery over the long winter. By summer, you will be excited and prepared to dominate the open road!

What To Look For In The Best Motorcycle Battery Tender?

Now, there are two key features you need to look for in a motorcycle battery tender. The first feature involves an over-charge protection feature. As a result, the tender actively monitors the state-of-charge. Over-charge can do real damage to a battery. Over time, the damage adds up and brings the battery's life to an end. You need to actively avoid this situation. That way, you can save yourself money on a new battery and use it elsewhere. It is always better to care for your current battery than to buy a new one.

The second important feature comes in the form of convenience. Get the best motorcycle battery tender for your specific situation. Some homeowners have a huge garage with a big workbench for all of their work. However, other homeowners have a small side garage for their motorcycle. Think about your situation and what is best for you. There are plenty of great options available that can be stuck to your wall in a safe and convenient manner. Do not sacrifice your daily lifestyle for any battery maintenance. Instead, get a compact and portable tender!

Use this buying guide to your advantage. There are 10 amazing recommendations that can help you out. You can maintain your motorcycle battery during the winter and all year-round. Look back over this guide if you need any extra help!

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