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Do Exhaust Tips Make A Difference In Sound?

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

A car is made of many integral components. One of the most important components is the exhaust system. This system is tasked with preventing dangerous fumes from entering your vehicle, enhancing fuel economy, and enhancing engine performance. In North America, the exhaust system usually ends with a muffler. Mufflers are known for controlling the overall sound of your car. This leads to the natural question of do exhaust tips make a difference in sound?

Unfortunately, this answer is not simple. First and foremost, you have to understand the designs of exhaust pipes. Secondly, you must understand how this design alters and changes the sound. Then, you can go and get some new exhaust tips and install them onto your vehicle!

Do Exhaust Tips Make A Difference In Sound? Explained.

Your muffler has an exhaust tip right at the end. This muffler actively works to keep the engine quite. Why? There are level laws in place across the United States. In some cases, police offers give out tickets to drivers with loud vehicles. Thus, you need exhaust tips that do not make your car too loud. But, you can still upgrade if you would like.

Basically, a muffler actively expands exhaust gasses. As a result, the sound pressure decreases as gas leaves the exhaust tip. Therefore, there is less noise out on the open road. Instead, you enjoy a solid engine level that is not too much. Do exhaust tips make a difference in sound? Yes, but only if you find the right type of exhaust tip.


Different Exhaust Tips & Different Engine Sounds

What kind of engine sound do you want? Again, remember that there are level laws in place. So do not go too crazy with your overall engine noise. On the other hand, some drivers may want to lessen the sound of their engine. Each exhaust tip creates a different kind of sound. Thus, we encourage customers to take a look at all available options!

Single-walled tips and double-walled tips are the two physical constructions for exhaust tips. Basically, the single-walled tip has one layer of metal. On the other hand, double-walled tips are double wrapped for a better appearance. Furthermore, the double-walled tips deliver a much more complete sound. Thus, your engine sounds locked and loaded.

Finally, intercooled exhaust tips are another popular exhaust tip. Do exhaust tips make a difference in sound? Intercooled exhaust tips certainly change the sound. This exhaust tip has ventilation on the inside. As a result, gas exits the system and immediately cools down. This softens the general sound of your engine for a lighter presence out on the open road.

Do exhaust tips make a difference in sound? They can amplify or reduce the sound of the engine!

Do Exhaust Tips Make A Difference In Sound: Length

Last but not least, always check out the length of the exhaust tip. Simply put, longer exhaust tips are designed for deeper and mellow sounds. Thus, this does not create as much of an intense and aggressive engine sound. Instead, you enjoy a nonchalant and easy going engine noise. Again, it all depends on what you want in terms of sound out on the open road.

Also, take a look at the inlet and outlet information and look for aftermarket tips. You can buy flared and beveled tips that enhance the sound through amplification. Check the inlet measurement on your exhaust pipe. Then, buy an exhaust tip with a larger outlet measurement. This will help amplify and intensify the sound of your engine immediately!

You can even buy resonator exhaust tips with special fiberglass material. Basically, the fiberglass material actively dampens sound. Thus, you enjoy a low-key presence during every single drive. After all, not everyone wants to attract all attention out on the open road. Always focus on what you want from your muffler and exhaust system.

Final Words On Do Exhaust Tips Make A Difference In Sound

Your exhaust tips definitely have a big effect on engine sound. You can choose to amplify or lessen the sound of your engine. Most standard vehicles come with a strong muffler. That way, the vehicles meet the state level. As a result, you will definitely need to get some custom exhaust tips to change the sound!

Always check your state laws online. After all, you do not want to buy brand new exhaust tips and get a ticket. Also, be sure to check out our buying guide to custom exhaust tips. We guarantee you will find a great exhaust pipe!

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