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Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Horsepower? (Facts & Information)

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 24, 2018

Does a cold air intake increase horsepower? Read more below and find out!
Does a cold air intake increase horsepower? Read more below and find out!

Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Horsepower? Answers You Need

Horsepower is important to your vehicle’s speed. Now, the equation for mechanical horsepower is incredibly confusing. However, the concept of horsepower is rather simple to understand. Simply put, horsepower involves the weight of your vehicle, a distance of driving, and the time it takes to reach distance. Thus, horsepower is a huge source of high-end speed. However, not everyone knows how to enhance their horsepower. Luckily, the answer to does a cold air intake increase horsepower is going to help you out tremendously!

Now, it is important to note one important concept. A cold air intake will surely increase your horsepower. However, it does not dramatically fix a slow vehicle. Therefore, you cannot turn your Toyota Camry into a speedy sports car. But, you can indeed enhance the overall performance of the engine. Furthermore, the improved horsepower will surely make a difference out on the open road.

An engine’s horsepower is important. Especially if you enjoy fast driving and fun experiences. Thus, it is smart to ask does a cold air intake increase horsepower? The answer will make your daily driving experiences so much better!

The Engine, The Horsepower, & The Cold Air Intake

A combustible engine applies pressure to various parts of the engine. This provides you with the power and the capabilities to move. As a result, you must always maintain your air filter. However, a cold air intake moves the air filter out of the engine compartments interior. Thus, the engine sucks in cool air for the necessary combustion. This is where you get all of the extra horsepowers that you need.

The answer to does a cold air intake increase horsepower all deals with the combustion. Cooler air is always better for your vehicle as opposed to warm air. First and foremost, cool air is denser and thicker than warm air. Second, cool air has more oxygen than warm air. Thus, it is superior to warm air,

Thicker air means more power in the combustion chamber. This is how a cold air intake improves your horsepower. Best of all, installing a cold air intake is very easy. Most cold air intake kits install in less than 90 minutes. All the while, you only use regular and standard mechanic tools. Does cold air intake increase horsepower? Now you know the answer!

Last Words On Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Horsepower?

Simply put, the cold air intake is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your ride. Best of all, you can install a cold air intake kit in just one day. You only need basic tools. Most kits fit your factory holes and mounting points. Does a cold air intake increase horsepower? Absolutely. Do you want to get yourself a cold air intake for a Chevy Silverado? You are in luck. The Car Addict has a premier buying guide to the best cold air intake for Silverado. Use this buying guide to get the best cold air intake for your Chevrolet Silverado. Improve your horsepower today!

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