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Driving For The First Time Alone: Helpful Tips & Information

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 22, 2018

Driving alone for the first time is intimidating. Use these helpful tips to have the best driving experience possible.
Driving for the first time alone is intimidating. Use these helpful tips to have the best driving experience possible.

Driving for the First Time Alone: A Milestone

For teenagers, getting a license is a milestone in your life. You are finally old enough to drive without parents or any guardian. While you may be excited, your parents are certainly nervous. Furthermore, in some cases, the teenagers are anxious themselves. After all, driving alone for the first time is no small task. Especially in 2018 with smartphone distractions galore. However, a few helpful tips on driving for the first time alone can go a long way.

Now, some of these tips may seem rather obvious. However, first-time drivers are not savvy with driving knowledge. As a result, they obviously do not know what experienced drivers know. So some of these obvious tips can still seriously help you while driving for the first time. Read more information below so that driving for the first time by yourself is not just easy, it is fun!

Check All Major Car Parts

The process of driving for the first time alone is not just intimidating, it can be downright scary. Therefore, first-time drivers are wise to inspect their vehicle. Take time to check all of the important components. This includes engine fluid levels, oil level, tire pressure levels, and how much gas is in the car as well. After all, your first driving experience will end in disaster if you get stranded with no gas!

While teenagers may not want to hear this, it helps to read the guidebook. Even ask some of your friends and family for stories on their experience and advice. Your parents can help you look over the vehicle to double check for any problems.

Pick A Destination That You Know

GPS navigation is an absolute blessing. Before GPS, first-time drivers could potentially get lost without any help. However, you should still take time to plot out where you are going. It helps to pick a destination that you know well. A location that you been to a number of times. That way, you can make a quick change in route while on the go. Furthermore, it provides a common location for the family if you have any potential issues.

Some experts recommend areas and streets with a low amount of traffic. For example, picking side streets in your neighboorhood is a great idea. Furthermore, picking single streets and backroads out in public is another smart move. On the other hand, choosing the busiest street near you is a bad idea. Hectic traffic is stressful for drivers that are older in age. Therefore, it can be downright dangerous for younger drivers. Make sure you are choosing one of the safest spots while driving alone for the first time.

Make Adjustments

According to, it is key for fir-stime drivers to adjust the vehicle that they are in. Especially if it is the first time that you are ever driving this vehicle. No two people are built the same. As a result, vehicle’s allow for you to change and adjust the seat, mirrors, steering wheels, and more. Thus, you should always take five minutes or less to set everything up in the proper position.

Comfortability is key to remaining calm out on the open road. If you are uncomfortable, you can easily stress out and become uneasy. However, the right position allows you to relax and feel calm. As a result, you are going to take on the open road without any problem. Furthermore, it is essential for you to see all the mirrors. Especially the side mirrors as you are out on the highway. The proper adjustments make driving for the first time alone so much easier.

Take A Deep Breath

This is one of the more obvious tips for any first-time driver. All you need to do is take a deep breath and count to ten. Close your eyes and relax before you start driving. You must multitask in order to successfully drive. You cannot multitask if you are preoccupied with stress and anxiety. So do not start driving until you feel calm and composed. Take as much time as you need to so that you can be fully prepared for the best driving experience possible.

Kiss Distractions Goodbye

It is time to put that smartphone into the glove box or a storage compartment. First and foremost, distractions are incredibly dangerous for anyone. Even experienced drivers that are 40 years old can get in trouble due to a distraction. Especially if it comes from a smartphone. After all, it is hard for people to resist their smartphones in 2018. As a result, it is wise to just get rid of these distractions so that your focus is on the road. However, experts recommend more than just this.

Avoid the radio and roll up the windows on your car as well. You do not need any outside distractions while driving. At first, the radio seems like it is not a big deal. But, what if you want to make a change to the song? You have to take your eyes off of the road which is incredibly dangerous. Instead, you need to fully focus when driving for the first time alone! Keep in mind that this first driving experience sets the tone.

Mobile phones are a hazardous distraction for everyone. Avoid using them while driving for the first time alone!
Mobile phones are a hazardous distraction for everyone. Avoid using them while driving for the first time alone!

Closing Advice On Driving Alone For The First Time

Across the country, teenagers are getting ready to drive all by themselves. This is not an easy process whatsoever. Especially considering that some teenagers must take their test again after failing. But, you are certainly not alone in getting ready to drive for the first time!

Do not overthink and stress yourself out over driving alone for the first time. Every driver has to start by driving for the first time alone. It is a rite of passage for all American adults. Be confident and focus on driving to get the best possible experience!

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