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How Long Does it Take To Wax A Car?

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 19, 2020

Do you want to maintain your car’s paint job? Looking to intensify the appearance of your vehicle? Waxing is the easiest, most affordable, and the overall best way to do this. Thus, it is wise to learn about the waxing process and all of the best wax products. For casual drivers, this is not easy. Especially if you do not even know how long does it take to wax a car? Do not fret. The Car Addict has you covered. Read our information below for all of the answers you need!

How Long Does It Take To Wax A Car: Varying Factors

Is this your first rodeo? The first wax job is not going to be the shortest wax job. Thus, buckle in if you are a novice car waxer. On the other hand, experienced waxers know just what they are doing. As a result, your experience is a huge deal. Luckily enough, this means you will get better with time. So waxing will only be a hard job the first few times!

Another varying factor depends on the wax you buy. Certain wax products deliver a quick dry effect. On the other hand, other wax products are designed for car lovers that love along waxing process. Stick to whatever is best for your situation. After all, some people actually enjoy waxing their car. For others, it is just a way to get great results.

Do not worry as much on how long does it take to wax a car? Instead, relax and enjoy shining up your vehicle!
Do not worry as much on how long does it take to wax a car? Instead, relax and enjoy shining up your vehicle!

How Long Does It Take To Wax A Car: The Process

Waxing your car is not a five-minute job. After all, waxing your car is more than just waxing! Instead, waxing is a serious process. You should not rush through a wax job. This could potentially damage the exterior of your vehicle. Worst of all, you do not enjoy that extra shine and gloss. As a result, The Car Addict highly recommends you wax your car on a free day with no rush!

Wash your car thoroughly before you wax it up. This is why waxing is not a quick five-minute process. Go to a local car wash or wash it in your own driveway. Whatever you do, make sure it is intensely cleaned. If not, the wax will not stick to your moisturized or dirty car surface. Furthermore, the dirt will be pushed down into your car’s surface with the wax. As a result, you scratch up your car rather than improving the appearance.

Now, there is one variable that can alter the length of the waxing process. Do you have the equipment to buffer your car or not? Simply put, a buffer will buff out any issues on your car’s paint. This includes swirls and it also includes minor scratches. A buffer allows you to apply more wax than you can just by hand. But, not everyone has this type of equipment. Furthermore, not everyone wants to buy a buffer.

Patience & Attention To Detail

How long does it take to wax a car? As long as it takes to wax a car. This is not a process you can rush through. Especially not if you want to at least maintain or improve your car’s exterior. Some experts even recommend only waxing in certain weather conditions.  If not, the hot weather immediately dries up the wax. This makes it incredibly hard to properly remove the wax. On the other hand, cold weather wax application is an absolute no go!

One step in the waxing process involves waiting for the wax to dry. So you stand there and actually wait for it to dry. There is not really a set time for this drying process. Thus, be patient and do no bolt pass this step. Instead, let the wax dry for the best possible shine and gloss.

Last Words On How Long Does It Take To Wax A Car

Waxing your car is a very important process. Therefore, you should not cause missteps due to impatience. Let the waxing process unfold. If you love your car, you will love the waxing process. Especially once you see the glossy and shiny results.

Do you want to find the best wax on the market? Avoid shopping in stores and waiting in line only to get subpar products. Instead, check out our buying guide to the best car wax for white cars. Also, we have great recommendations for all of the best wax for black cars with scratches as well!

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