Last Updated: Feb 2, 2019

How To Install LED Strip Lights In Car

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 2, 2019

According to data, the Automotive Interior Ambient Lighting market will have a compound annual growth rate of 6% between 2018 and 2013. Simply put, LED lighting is on the rise across the globe. More and more drivers want LED lights inside of their vehicle. Now, older vehicles do not come with this type of ambient lighting. You will need to buy and install an LED strip. As a result, The Car Addict has put together this helpful how to guide on how to install LED strip lights in car!

Find An Easy To Install LED Strip Light

There are plenty of great car interior lights available on the market. However, certain products provide an easier installation process than others. Stick to the simpler products. For instance, a good number of interior car lighting strips feature adhesive tape. This is ideal for inexperienced installers.

Also, decide if you want to use fuse tap connectors or a car charger. Generally speaking, car charger options are safer and more convenient that fuse tap connectors. Thus, you protect yourself and speed up the installation process!

How To Install LED Strip Lights In Car: The Steps

1. Unpack Product & Read Instructions

Yes, we know that this is not the fun part of learning how to install LED strip lights in car. However, it is pretty important. After all, no two interiors LED lights are the same. Therefore, each installation process requires different methods. Read over the instructions for a safe and simple installation process

2. Set Up Light Strip In Your Car

Think about where you want the light strip. Do you want it in the footwell area or do you want it under your seat? Then, simply place the strip in your preferred spot. Generally speaking, LED strips feature adhesive tape on one side. Thus, you just use the tape to stick the strip on your car’s interior material!

3. Plug And Play!

Finally, you are ready for some fun. Plug the LED light strip into the necessary power source. Now, professional installation is best for serious, heavy-duty light strips. On the other hand, the best lighting options usually feature a car charging end. So just simply plug this charging end right into the cigarette charger port. Your lights will turn on and begin to lighten up your interior design. Night time drives become the time of your life!

Closing Thoughts On How To Install LED Strip Lights In Car

Now you know how to set up and enjoy some brand new LED interior lighting strips. Look back over this guide for any additional help on how to install LED strip lights in car. After all, the installation process is key to your overall enjoyment. Without a proper setup, your lights are not going to work at all.

Are you trying to find yourself some great ambient lighting for your car? The Car Addict has just what you need. Check out our buying guide to the best car interior lights. We guarantee you will find a good product for your car!

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