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How To Install Nerf Bars on Chevy Silverado: How To Guide

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

Trucks and larger-sized SUVs rest higher off the ground compared to regular cars, like sedans. Thus, entering and exiting a truck or SUV can potentially be cumbersome and difficult.  Luckily enough, there is a great aftermarket product available for you. Nerf bars are your best bet for assistance while getting in and out of a big SUV or truck. But, they are not necessarily easy to install. Luckily enough, The Car Addict has your how to guide on how to install nerf bars on Chevy Silverado trucks!

Nerf bars, running boards, and side steps are all the same thing. Do not let the terminology confuse you. Now, read through our helpful information below!

Buy The Proper Nerf Bar

First and foremost, make sure your nerf bars match your level of expertise. Are you a serious car enthusiast that understands truck parts? Well then, you can probably go for a more sophisticated set of nerf bars. However, newcomers should focus on bold- on installation and the simplest installation processes available!

Secondly, find the right nerf bars for your actual truck. No two trucks are built the same. After all, companies actively compete against one another to create new truck designs and unique appearances. Your Chevrolet Silverado sits at a different height than a Toyota Tundra. On the other hand, a Dodge Ram requires a different nerf bar design compared to a GMC Sierra!

How To Install Nerf Bars On Chevy Silverado: The Steps

Do not stress out over any failed installation attempts. We highly recommend having a helper during the installation process. That way, you have a second set of eyes. All the while, your helper holds tools or even a flashlight in certain areas!

1. Read The Instructions

Yes, this step sounds silly. But, it is more important than you think. After all, this is heavy-duty installation process. Nerf bars come with the necessary hardware and instructions. Thus, you must double check for both the material and the instructions. Furthermore, the instructions obviously provide the most detailed step-by-step installation methods.

Skip this step at your own risk. If it is a big mistake. More often than not, you will end up right back at the beginning. Reading is tedious but definitely worth it!

2. Line Up The Brackets

Most trucks feature mounting holes. The mounting holes are factory-drilled before you even buy the truck. Line up the mounting brackets. This is where the helper is super handy. Let them guide you or hold the nerf bar as you line it up. We recommend buying a level to properly even out your nerf bar. That way, you do not need to repeat these instructions after a failed attempt.

Now, maybe your truck does not have factory holes. Well then, you must drill the holes yourself. Again, the extra helper comes in handy here! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and properly drill the holes. Avoid this if you are not an automotive expert. Consider getting some professional help.

3. Tighten The Mounting Brackets Onto Your Chevy Silverado

Use the drill and tighten the mounting brackets onto the holes. Tighten it up as much as possible. You do not want any potential problems with your nerf bars out on the open road. Inspect the mounting bracket and check to make sure they are properly lined up. If not, repeat the previous step and ensure that everything is even.

4. Attach The Nerf Bars

Put the nerf bars right onto the brackets. Tighten the bolts up first if you want. Then, double your check work to make sure the bar is level. However, you can also execute this process in reverse order. Simply level the nerf bar before tightening up the bolts. You are all done!

Closing Words On How To Install Nerf Bars on Chevy Silverado

Nerf bars are not just convenient, nerf bars are also very safe. As a matter of fact, some running boards feature special anti-slip material. Basically, this material provides a very strong grip through the texture. Thus, you avoid potentially slipping and falling during rainy weather or after a long day of outdoor driving. Keep yourself safe and your passengers safe with a good nerf bar upgrade.

Now, you know just how to install nerf bars on Chevy Silverado. So go ahead and get yourself some nice running steps today. Are you looking for Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab running board? Luckily enough, The Car Addict has a buying guide just for you. Check out our buying guide on the best running boards for Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab.

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