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How To Push Start A Motorcycle: A How To Guide

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 20, 2018

Learn how to push start a motorcycle whenever you are in a time of need!
Learn how to push start a motorcycle whenever you are in a time of need!

When Do You Need To Push Start A Vehicle?

Pop-starting a motorcycle is a unique way to start a motorcycle. Now, it is important to note that this is not an ideal way to start your motorcycle. As a matter of fact, this sometimes may not work. Even if you properly execute the steps in this guide. Always keep this in mind as you learn how to push start a motorcycle.

On modern motorcycles, the start system runs on electricity. Electricity on a motorcycle comes from the battery. But, what if the battery is dead? Well, the starting system obviously does not work. Therefore, you need to always monitor the battery of your motorcycle. But, unfortunately, that does not help you now. Instead, you have to try and push start your motorcycle! The first step is to find a steep hill!

Find A Hill

The key to push starting a motorcycle involves hitting a proper push-starting speed. Simply put, you need to get moving fast enough to completely bypass the starting system. As a result, it is best to find a steep hill far away from traffic. Seriously, avoid traffic at all costs. You need to be completely alone in case this push start does not work.

Clutch & Start

Make sure you get enough speed. Then, release the clutch and press the start button in one complete motion. Ensure that this is one fluid motion without any hesitation. Give some throttle and the bike should start. Once the bike starts, engage the clutch. You need to make sure you stay in full control of the motorcycle.

Rev The Engine

Now, this is the final step in learning how to push start a motorcycle. Also, it is arguably the most crucial part of this process. If you do not rev the engine, you are in trouble. The motorcycle will die just as quickly as it started. Therefore, you need to stay focused and see this process out.

Depress the clutch and rev the engine at a moderate level. If not, your motorcycle will choke down. Worse, the motorcycle will simply die. You do not want this to happen. Especially as you roll down a hill. So always remember the final and most important step in push starting your motorcycle.

Final Thoughts On Push Starting Motorcycle

Safety is the most important part of learning how to push start a motorcycle. After all, a good motorcycle means nothing if you get hurt. Get the proper safety equipment if you plan to push start your motorcycle. This includes a helmet, gloves, and full body protection. If not, you could hurt yourself and suffer serious injuries.

Now that you know how to push start a motorcycle, you can get out of times of need. This comes in handy when you are stranded with a dead battery. However, if your battery is still not working then you need a new one. Check out our top 10 best motorcycle battery buyers guide for the best batteries available.

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