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How To Quiet Noisy Tires: A How To Guide

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 19, 2020

Are your tires noisy? This is incredibly unpleasant and obnoxious all at once. Worst of all, this noise becomes overbearing out on the highway. Excessive tire noise interrupts your favorite songs and conversations with passengers. So what you can do? Luckily, our team here at The Car Addict works around the clock to provide high-quality information to customers. That way, we can help you learn how to quiet noisy tires. Read our helpful tips and resourceful facts below!

Know Your Tire

First and foremost, you need to know your tire type. After all, special tires feature a specific type of rubber compound and a unique tread design. This includes performance tires, snow tires, and mud tires as well. As a result, you should not freak out over noisy tires that are made for off-road terrain and inclement weather. Instead, you need to consider buying some standard tires.

Why are specialized tires so noisy? Well, air passes through tear tread grooves. Specialized tires feature a tread that is much deeper and larger than standard on-road tires. Thus, air passes through in a completely different manner. This creates a loud noise that does not come from your normal tire set!

How To Quiet Noisy Tires: Causes Of Excessive Sound

We highly recommend taking action if you notice abnormal sounds from your tire. If not, your tires could wear out prematurely or could flatten entirely. Avoid a stranded situation by simply keeping an ear out for extra tire noise. But, be rational about tire noise. For instance,  a recent tire rotation can cause more noise than usual. Furthermore, tires in need of rotation are also bound to be noisy. Thus, simple tire rotation is one answer on how to quite noisy tires!

Always pay attention to the tread depth on your tires. Simply put, older tires have less tread than newer tires. Why? Because tires rubbing against the pavement actively wears away the tread depth. Standard tires feature shallow grooves as opposed to specialized tires deep grooves. Each shallow grooves allows air to quickly disperse for a quiet driving experience. But, once the tread wears down then the air is going to make more noise than before.

How to quiet noisy tires? Inflate the tires! Yes, this sounds very simple and very easy. But, it is definitely true. Low tire pressure causes tires to sag down and also wears on the tread even more than normal. Thus, we highly recommend constant tire pressure checks. How often? It is best to check every other day for consistency. However, you can also just check after a long drive or once a week! Fit the check-ups to your own schedule and lifestyle.

The easiest way to quiet noisy tires is with a tire rotation.
The easiest way to quiet noisy tires is with a tire rotation.

How To Quiet Noisy Tires: Safe Driving Habits

How you drive affects every single aspect of your car. For example, hard braking puts serious stress on the brakes. Thus, they do not last as long if you brake really hard all of the time. Likewise, how you drive really alters the noise and lifespan of your tires. Swift accelerations and stiff braking can also wear the tread of your tire. All the while, it is also a primary cause of excessive noise.

Experts recommend cautious turns as well. Low-tread tires squeal really loud during a sharp and tight turn. This is a clear sign of a necessary tire rotation or a tire replacement. Be cautious and careful during this type of turn. Especially if you notice other signs of noisy tires.

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

For some, tires are potentially beyond the point of no return. Maybe you do not want to know how to quiet noisy tires? So how can you tell when it is time for a new set of tires? As mentioned earlier, look at that tread depth. If your tread depth is really low then it is time to look for a new set of tires!

Also, you can always resort to the help of a professional mechanic. Schedule an appointment and get a tire inspection. They will help identify any potential problems along with helpful solutions. You do not have to go it alone when it comes to tire information!

Closing Thoughts On Noisy Tires

Now, you know what causes noisy tires and how to quiet noisy tires. Thus, you do not need to deal with that loud and harsh noise anymore. Look back over this information for all the extra help you need! Want to get some mud tires for your ride? Visit our buying guide to the best cheap mud tires.

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