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Loud Mud Tires: Facts & Information

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 19, 2020

Tires are the most overlooked part of your vehicle. Car tires are responsible for traction, control, and even help enhance fuel economy. As a result, there are tires made for all kinds of different conditions. This includes but is not limited to all-terrain tires, snow tires, and mud tires. Every single tire features a different tread design for a specific reason. Thus, each tire makes a different type of sound out on the open road. So here is why loud mud tires may or may not be best for you!

Loud Mud Tires: The Design

As mentioned before, mud tires are not the same as all-season tires or regular paved road tires. No, mud tires feature a distinct tread design with deep, empty voids and big lugs. Why? Mud is not the same type of terrain as a paved road. After all, mud is not just soft it is also shifty when wet. As a result, mud tires must actively grip a surface that has no foundation. Each deep void helps push your car along the off-road surface without any issue.

Now, this tread design is the source of all loud noises. Unfortunately, this is the name of the game. You will be hard pressed to find mud tires that are completely silent out on the open road. Therefore, you should accept that loud mud tires are simply just loud. So think about how often you drive off-road before you buy noisy mud tires.

Loud mud tires may be a bother on paved roads but they perform well on mud terrain!
Loud mud tires may be a bother on paved roads but they perform well on mud terrain!

Why Are Mud Tires Loud?

Again, mud tires do not feature a typical tread design. This tread design generates a loud noise. Think about it like this: regular tires are made with a standard type of tread. As a result, air passes right through the tread without any problems. This is why normal, on-road tires do not make this loud type of noise. Plus, modern tires are specifically engineered to produce less sound in general!

Mud tires tread design is geared toward muddy and uneven surfaces. The deep voids alter how air passes through the tread. As a result, the air creates a very loud groaning noise. This groaning noise may be ideal for some and not ideal for others. But, remember that this noise is really loud out on the highway. Why are mud tires loud? Because they are not designed for paved road surfaces.

The Benefits & Disadvantages Of Loud Mud Tires

Maybe you are not into a loud noise tires. But, maybe you are! How can you tell? Ask yourself one simple question. Do you really love off-road driving? Off-road enthusiasts generally do not care about the loud noise. As a matter of fact, some off-road drivers actually prefer the loud noise as opposed to quiet noise.

Regular off-road drivers will not be bothered by the loud mud tire noise. After all, mud tires are specifically made to be dominant in muddy terrain. Thus, you take the good with the bad. Loud mud tires are going to provide you with so much fun on off-road conditions. As a result, the loud noise may be worth it in the long haul!

Finally, off-road enthusiasts potentially take honor in their loud mud tires. This is no different than a truck enthusiast driving a lifted truck. Casual drivers may not understand this concept. However, a truck lover totally gets it. Do not feel shame if you want some loud mud tires on your ride today!

Modern Day Mud Tires

Are you interested in mud tires but have no experience with them? Well, you are in luck. Now, technology is better than ever. As a result, engineering for tires and car products is also better than ever. So you do not need to dive head first into some loud mud tires. Instead, there are viable options available that may not be so harsh and obnoxious!

Modern day mud tires from the best brands and companies aim to reduce noise. How? A special tread design that minimizes how air passes through the grooves and voids. Thus, you deal with less bothersome noise out on the open road. So there are more than just loud mud tires available. Take your time and find mud tires that match your specific preferences.

Wrapping Things Up

You need the proper tires for your lifestyle. Some drivers love off-roading and some do not. Frequent off-road driving is worth putting up with loud mud tires. But, there are still plenty of other great options available. Head on over to The Car Addict’s buying guide to the best cheap mud tires. We guarantee you will find a great mud tire!

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