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Washing A New Car For The First Time

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

Are you preparing to wash your car for the very first time? This is an exciting process for all brand new car owners. Especially if you are a brand new driver as well! But, how can you maximize your time washing your car? What is the best soap and washing process? These are all great questions to ask if you want a clean and beautiful looking car!

Now, improper washing is pretty dangerous for a car’s appearance. After all, using an overpowering brush can damage the car exterior. As a result, you need the right soap and the right microfiber towels. Then, you are ready for washing a new for the first time. Clean up your car with our helpful information below!

Washing A New Car For The First Time: The Myths

There are so many unfortunate myths out in the car world. For instance, some people foolishly think you can overwax your vehicle. Also, some people think you cannot wash your car too quickly if it is new. This is not true. You can definitely take your car to the car wash if you want to make things easy. After all, convenience is the entire goal of every car wash.

Clean your brand new car if you notice it is dirty. Modern car wash locations do not use dangerous brushes and equipment. However, you can indeed clean your new car right at home. Some car owners prefer their own cleaning process. Thus, you are not weird for wanting to take this process into your own hands!

Thoroughly clean your vehicle while washing a new car for the first time!
Thoroughly clean your vehicle while washing a new car for the first time!

Washing Your New Car At Home: The Equipment

Washing a new car for the first time at home? Well, you are in need of some certain equipment. Now, some equipment is more obvious than others. Thus, you should read through each piece of equipment below to make sure you are fully prepared for your car washing experience.

1. Buckets

We highly recommend having two different buckets on deck. Why? You need one bucket for soap and one bucket for clear water. This is the most efficient form of cleaning. After all, you do not want to deal with any crossover between the soap and the cleansing water!

2. A Hose

Second, a hose is obviously necessary for one reason. Do not let the soap sit on your vehicle for too long. A swift washing is definitely key for any washing process. Make sure you get every bit of soap off while washing your new car at home.

3. Washing Mitt and Grit Guard

A washing mitt is the best way to lather up your soap. The mitt will fit snug right onto your hand. Avoid using a cloth to lather up the soap. Yes, you can indeed use the cloth but the lather is just not as rich.

4. Drying Towel or Cloth

Finally, you need to properly dry off your vehicle. Do not let the soap to air dry. This is going to create a very gross effect that is not appealing.

The Steps In Washing Your New Car At Home

For all confused car owners, we have a six-step washing process for your new car. Follow each step below and get the best results for your car!

Step One: First and foremost, get those buckets ready. You can also try and clean your tires as well with a special cleaner!

Step Two: Pick up that wash mitt. Use the wash mitt to actively pick up the soap and then lather it onto your car. Really work up a good lather.

Step Three: Put the wash mitt into the second bucket, without the soap. What does this do? Remove all of the dirt and contaminants from your car’s surface.

Step Four: Repeat step three. Cover up your entire car with soap. Do not spare any expense or effort!

Step Five: Hose down your car. Now, make sure you properly wash and rinse off all the soap. Take your time with the final two steps!

Step Six: Finally, properly dry off your car. Use a hand towel and dry the car thoroughly. You do not want any potential water spots on your new car!

Final Words On Washing Your New Car At Home

Why is washing your new car at home important? Because salt and dirt wear on the paint. Furthermore, you need to properly clean your car before a wax session. If not, you could potentially scratch up your car. Check out our buying guide to the best wax for black cars with scratches and the best car wax for white cars.

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