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What Causes Tires To Wear On The Inside: Facts & Information

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 1, 2018

There are a number of answers to what causes tires to wear on the inside. Read about these factors in this information.
There are a number of answers to what causes tires to wear on the inside. Read about these factors in this information.

What Causes Tires To Wear On The Inside: Explained

Tires are one of the most important parts of a healthy car. While the engine and battery are important, tires are the backbone. Simply put, if the engine is the heart then tires are the foot. You cannot move without your feet. As a result, the tires on a car works much like their feet. If a car does not have good tires then it cannot drive well. As a result, you need to know all about your tires. This includes knowing just what causes tires to wear on the inside?

Tire tread is the key component for grip and traction. Without grip or traction, it is unsafe on any poor surface. Thus, customers may pay attention to their tire tread quality. However, there are many sources of wear on tires. As a result, your tires can wear on the inside for a number of different reasons. This includes alignment, inflation levels, driving conditions, and so much more. Read more information below and learn what causes tires to wear on the side

What Causes Tires To Wear On The Inside: Inflation Levels

Underinflated tires and overinflated are the most common problems for drivers. Improper inflation levels can really cut the lift of a tire short. First and foremost, underinflation can potentially ruin your tires altogether. Underinflation is one of the most common causes of tire failure. Information for states that a decrease in pressure of nearly 6 psi can lead to a tire failure. Furthermore, tread life is cut down by nearly 25% as well! As a result, it is easy to see why proper inflation is so important. Underinflation is a quick way to pop your tire.

Overinflation is just as dangerous as underinflation. Overinflation is the quickest way to ruin your tread. Tires are too stiff and are hurt by potholes and sharp objects. However, properly inflated tires enhance steering and fuel efficiency. Take time to monitor your tire pressure levels all of the time. Luckily, new models boast a new feature that actively monitors tire pressure at all times. Find the recommended tire pressure in the vehicle user guide!

What Causes Tires To Wear On The Inside: Alignment

Alignment issues are the second most common cause of inside wear issues. As a matter of fact, mechanics believe this is the most common problem they see. However, customers often struggle to recognize this problem. After all, not everyone is an automotive expert. Now, sometimes alignment issues are noticeable in the wheel appearance and driving quality. If you notice anything odd about your car, seek out help from a mechanic. They can inspect the alignment to check the source of an issue. Simply put, the bushing is a vibration insulator. It attempts to isolate the vibrations of a car. However, bad bushings do not isolate the vibration. As a result, this grinding can cause inside tread wear. Alignment problems usually cause an uneven type of wear. These wear patterns affect your driving and destroy the overall tread on the tire. The most obvious sign will be the angle of the tire. If your tire comes down at an odd angle that is not straight, you need to see a technician to get new tires!

Closing Words On What Causes Tires To Wear On The Inside

Once a wear pattern is set in a tire, you cannot remove it. You have to replace the tire. As a result, it is easy to understand why tire wear is so dangerous. Especially since tires are certainly not cheap. Avoid dealing with the end of your tire life by monitoring your tire’s wear. That way, you can get a jump on any potential wear issues before it becomes too late. If not, you are going to have to buy new tires immediately. All you need to do is pay attention to any changes in tread or driving!

Tire rotations and maintenance save you money and enhance your driving experience. On the other hand, inside wear and exterior wear do the exact opposite. While outside wear is easier to see, inside wear is hard to notice. Especially if the inside wear is potentially caused by an alignment problem. Pay attention to your tire’s appearance from week to week. If you notice an odd angle or something that is not normal, see a technician. They can evaluate the situation with their experience to get you the best results. Use the information on what causes tires to wear on the inside for any extra help!


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