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Why Tires Are Black: Facts, Information, and More

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 1, 2018

Read this blog to learn exactly why tires are black.
Read this blog to learn exactly why tires are black.

Have you ever looked at a tire and wondered to yourself, why are tires black? Well, tires are black for a reason. As a matter of fact, engineers are the reason why tires are black. Carbon black is a material made of FCC tar, ethylene cracking tar, and coal tar. Simply put, carbon black is used as a filler in tires and other types of rubber products. This includes inks, plastics, and paints in some cases. So carbon black is a key material in crafting tires. So much so, that it is the primary reason as to why tires are black in color!

Tires are one of the most overlooked aspects of a vehicle. Everyone wants to know about horsepower, towing capabilities, interior features, and more. However, no one ever truly takes time to care for their tires. This is foolish. Tires are the key to a great driving experience. There are tires made for every occasion possible. So it is time to start wondering why are tires black?

All terrain tires can do it all. Snow and ice tires are made best for the winter season. Mud tires are useful on soft surfaces. The right tires match all types of different driving conditions. Thus, it really helps to know about tire construction and tire materials. It always helps to start at the beginning with the carbon black coating process. After all, carbon black is the sole reasons as to why tires are black and not any other color. Read more information below to learn all about the black color of tires and more!

Carbon Black & Tire Color

Engineers combine a number of different tread designs and distinct carcass grades of carbon black. Carbon black not only affects the color but it also changes the performance of tires. So carbon black is paramount in creating tires. Continental Carbon® creates carbon black solutions across the United States. According to their information, carbon black can affect treadwear, fuel mileage, the resistance of abrasion, and handling. Tires for trucks need a higher carrying capacity than compact car tires. Thus, the carbon black composition will be different on all of the available tires.

Now, tires are not black until the carbon black application. As a matter of fact, tires start off with a white color. According to information, tire rubber starts out with a milk-white color. Tires across the globe would be white if not for carbon black. Thus, anyone wondering why tires are black gets an easy answer. It all comes from the paracrystalline carbon, carbon black.

There is more purpose for carbon black outside of performance. The black color of tires is easier to manage. Lighter color tires get dirty quickly. Furthermore, these dirty spots are worse than on all black tires. After a long drive, you would need to really work to get the mud and dirt off. Instead, black tires are better for a quick and convenient cleaning process. But, the most important reasons for tires black color are practical. After all, carbon black definitely plays a role in tire performance!

Why Tires Are Black: Performance & Protection

The original white rubber of tires is not strong enough for the open road. Let alone tough enough to take on off-road conditions as well. Therefore, carbon black is a filler used to enhance the strength for truck and suv tires. Specifically, carbon black enhances both the strength and the durability of the tire. That way, it stands up to the test of time and the regular wear and tear of driving. Plus, it guarantees customers a product that is going to last.

Black is a natural and organic heat conductor. Simply put, black attracts and contains heat. Think about football players wearing black marks under their eye. The black mark attracts the light of the sun. Thus, the sunlight does not shine directly into their eye. Well, the black tire color works in the same exact way. Black color directs heat away from the other parts of the car. Thus, you benefit from increased safety out on the open road.

Finally, UV rays can do real damage to most materials. This is why driver put up sun blockers in their car. UV rays shine down on dashboard material and wear it out. Thus, carbon black protects tires from this potentially hazardous effects. After all, tires deteriorate over time without the proper protection. Thus, why are tires black is a much more complex question that you thought!

Why are tires black? For better protection and durability out on the open road!
Why are tires black? For better protection and durability out on the open road!

Last Words On Why Are Tires Black?

Tires are essential for driving, handling, and fuel economy. Tires are so important that manufacturers are prioritizing tire information. New 2019 cars feature a tire pressure monitor system. That way, drivers know the exact level of their tires at all times. Thus, it is good to know important facts and information on tires. Like wondering why are tires black and what makes them black? The more questions that you ask, the more answers you receive!

The more you know about tires, the better. Customers use tires every single day in their car. Therefore, it helps tremendously to understand important facts and information. That way, you can properly navigate the tire market for good deals. Furthermore, customers can use this information to get good tires with the right tread. As previously mentioned, different tires are for different occasions. So knowing the difference between an aggressive tread design and a standard tread design really helps.

Any off-road driver should definitely thank carbon black. The carbon black material makes off-road driving possible. Without carbon black, off-road tires would burst and break. While innovative designs are helpful. The carbon black coating is the real hero. After all, carbon black material enhances the durability and overall capability of a tire. Without the carbon black, tires could not perform on the road. So customers can benefit knowing just why are tires black? The answer is key to the performance of all tires!

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