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Worst Cars For Teenage Drivers (Information You Need)

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published December 24, 2018

The worst cars for teenage drivers are expensive cars that go fast!
The worst cars for teenage drivers are expensive cars that go fast!

Worst Cars For Teenage Drivers Explained

Life out on the open road is dangerous. You can always drive safely. But, you cannot predict other drivers actions. As a result, driving is very dangerous for teenagers. As a matter of fact, data shows that in 2016, young people between the ages of 15 and 19 accounted for an estimated $13.6 billion of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries. this information comes directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So teenagers made up nearly 8.4% of all total costs of motor vehicle injuries. As a result, parents must avoid the worst cars for teenage drivers!

Now, what makes a vehicle safer for teenage drivers more than others? This is not an easy question to answer. Especially if you are a casual customer. After all, not everyone knows the detailed specifications of a random car. Lucky for you, The Car Addict is here to help. We have researched facts on teen driving, safe vehicle features, and so much more. Read this article to get all the helpful tips and tricks. Then, get one of the best cars for teenage drivers available!

The Worst Cars For Teenage Drivers: What To Avoid

The best place to start is what not to buy. There are a few body styles more dangerous for teenage drivers than others. These body styles include SUVs, large pickup trucks, sports cars, and expensive vehicles. First and foremost, expensive cars are a bad idea in general. As mentioned earlier, teenager drivers get into plenty of car accidents. So do not go and buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz for your teenager’s first car. However, avoid going super cheap as well. Find a fair price on a vehicle that is reliable and safe.

Pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles are a no go for one specific reason. Teenage drivers do not need teenage passengers. This is the most dangerous distraction for any young driver. Friends will distract them from the road and this could lead to a potential collision. Therefore, keep an eye out for something a bit smaller with fewer seats and less room for passengers!

Finally, sports cars are the worst pick for an obvious reason and a not so obvious reason. Obviously, sports cars go really fast and have a high-acceleration rate. Thus, they provide teenagers the temptation of speeding. Teenagers cannot resist the temptation of speeding. So do not buy your teenager a sports car. The not so obvious reason involves insurance rates. Sports cars always carry a high insurance premium. So save yourself the stress and money all at the same time. Avoid buying one of the worst cars for teenage drivers.

Sports utility vehicles are the worst cars for teenage drivers. Friends are distracting and hinder safe driving!
Sports utility vehicles are the worst cars for teenage drivers. Friends are distracting and hinder safe driving!

Worst Cars For Teenage Drivers: New Or Used?

Parents need to decide if they want a used vehicle or a new vehicle for their teenage drivers. Both used vehicles and new vehicles both have different pros and cons. Thus, you must make an educated decision that gets the best results. So read all of the benefits and disadvantages of buying either a used or new car.

Used cars are great for parents on a budget. Go and find a reliable and trustworthy dealership near you. Now, this is easier said than done. But, finding the right dealership is definitely worth it. A good dealership sells high-quality used vehicles. The inexpensive price tag saves you money and makes sense. After all, your teenager may accidentally fender bender someone. Tiny dents are not as bad in a used car rather than a brand new vehicle!

Modern Car Options: Protective Features

Now, new vehicles have their cons. For example, they may be more expensive than a used vehicle. The new technology may be a bit of a distraction. However, modern vehicles are actually the safest option. Look for a new car if you really want to avoid the worst cars for teenage drivers. After all, modern vehicles feature a number of protective safety amenities. As a result, your teenager has some backup out on the open road.

Consumer Reports creates information-based reports on a variety of consumer-based topics. They recommend looking for a model that has either automatic emergency braking, AEB, or forward-collision warning, FCW. That way, your teenager benefits from active safety technology!

Forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking technology go hand-in-hand. Forward-collision warning technology actively monitors the immediate area in front of a car. Drivers receive alerts upon detecting pedestrians or vehicles. These alerts are both audible and visual. Thus, drivers press the brakes and come to a stop.

Teenage drivers are more prone to distractions. Thus, the automatic emergency braking feature is great for teenagers. If a teen does not hear the forward-collision warning then automatic emergency braking jumps into action. This feature applies the brakes and brings the vehicle to a stop! Thus, the worst cars for teenage drivers are going to be older cars, trucks, sports cars, and SUVs!

Avoid the worst cars for teenage drivers so your teen drivers safely on their own without your help!
Avoid the worst cars for teenage drivers so your teen drivers safely on their own without your help!

Wrapping Up The Worst Cars For Teenagers

Across the country, teenagers get ready for one of the biggest days of their lives. Their first driving experience alone is a huge deal. Furthermore, the first few years of driving are also really important. Make sure they are behind the wheel of a great car and not one of the bad options. That way, they enjoy driving while staying as safe as possible. You can even look back over this information for any extra help along the way.

Take time to find the very best vehicle for your teenager. Avoid trucks, sports utility vehicles, big trucks, and fast sports cars. Focus on finding an efficient sedan with an engine that performs well but not too well. Also, find a modern vehicle with great safety features too! that way, you avoid buying one of the worst cars for teenage drivers!

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